Jun 13

Advocacy in the Modern Media Era: Redefining the Landscape

By: Cali Platt and Jenn Sherman

The digital revolution has shifted the way we consume information, giving us instantaneous access to real-time developments happening near and far, right at our fingertips. Simultaneously, we’ve become increasingly divided when it comes to who we trust and where we get our news. With the election… Read Full Post

Jun 03

The Path to Policy? Building Bridges from Main Street to Capitol Hill

By: Sahithi Vemula and Mallory Ward

In a world where politics and politicians seem more polarizing than ever, finding common ground between both sides of the aisle can feel impossible. With a slew of competing policy priorities and slow-to-move legislative and regulatory processes, it can often feel like we’re screaming into the void… Read Full Post

May 01

Reservoir Communications Group Adds Gina Comottor, Expanding Firm’s Prowess in Strategic Communications & Corporate Affairs

By: Liz Irons

Washington, DC – Reservoir Communications Group recently welcomed six new team members, including Gina Comottor as Vice President. Their unique backgrounds in public affairs, corporate communications, advocacy, and health policy reflect the firm’s commitment to continuing to build on its strengths… Read Full Post

Apr 25

The Women’s Health Moment

By: Gretta Stone

At Reservoir we often work on women’s health issues and we know all too well that being a women’s health advocate can be an exercise in frustration. Why does it often take ten years for women to be diagnosed with endometriosis when 1 in 10 women have the condition? Why are the symptoms of heart… Read Full Post

Apr 24

Moving From Data Disparities to Data Equity

By: Chrystine Zacherau and Abby Knapp

National Minority Health Month provides a timely reminder for public health and industry leaders to reflect on strategies for reducing disparities and improving the health outcomes of marginalized communities. There is a clear consensus that access to care, income and wealth gaps, education,… Read Full Post

Mar 06

Losing Your Cookies? Advertising in a Post-Cookie World

By: Marilyn Fancher

Brands that use digital display or sponsored advertising online are indeed “losing their cookies” as Google continues phasing out technical support for third-party cookies. Browsers such as Safari and Firefox have already implemented a default opt-out setting for users, and Google’s Chrome (which… Read Full Post

Dec 13

Transforming Passion Into Action: Harnessing Research to Address Health Inequities

By: Sana Imam

As a graduate student and public affairs practitioner living in Washington, D.C., I sit at the nexus of policymaking and transformative change. Surrounded by professors with profound legislative expertise and colleagues at Reservoir who are equally passionate about public health, I'm constantly… Read Full Post

Oct 31

Accelerated Approval Pathway: Key Takeaways from Patient and Expert Panels

By: Alka Bhatt

I recently participated in two panels hosted by Patients Rising Now about the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Accelerated Approval Program, which allows for the earlier approval of drugs that treat serious conditions. As a life sciences consultant, a trained pharmacist, and a rare disease… Read Full Post

Sep 14

Reservoir Communications Group Adds Clare Krusing and Rikki Campbell Ogden, Expanding Firm’s Corporate Communications and Creative Expertise

By: Liz Irons

Washington, DC – Reservoir Communications Group has welcomed six new team members, including Clare Krusing as an Executive Vice President, and Rikki Campbell Ogden as Design Director. Their unique backgrounds in corporate communications, advocacy, and graphic design deepen the firm’s strategic… Read Full Post

Aug 29

Medicine & Media

By: Michelle Nealy

Earlier this month, I traveled to Birmingham, Alabama and New Orleans, Louisiana to attend conferences hosted by the National Medical Association and the National Association of Black Journalists. As a former journalist, a health equity advocate, and a person who is deeply invested in positive… Read Full Post