Jul 29

Press Release: Reservoir Communications Group Adds Elan Schnitzer to Senior Team, Expands Health Care, Public Affairs Expertise with New Hires

By: Clare Krusing

Washington, D.C. – Reservoir Communications Group recently added six new members to its growing team, including Elan Schnitzer, who joins the firm’s senior team to help lead health care advocacy and education campaigns across Reservoir’s non-profit and corporate clients. Reservoir Communications… Read Full Post

Jun 26

Bridging the Policy-Communications Divide

By: Gretta Stone

When I came to Reservoir Communications Group last year after a decade-and-a-half working in health policy people would often say “I heard you went to a PR firm.” While this is technically true I get the sense that some perceive it as a bigger jump than it actually was. I can understand the… Read Full Post

May 20

The Real Story

By: Marilyn Fancher

If there’s a concept that is consistently used - and perhaps over-used - in communications, advocacy campaigns and advertising, it’s storytelling. Top agency creatives, Fortune 500 chief marketing officers and corporate communications leaders extoll the importance of storytelling in effective brand… Read Full Post

May 12

Advocacy in the Age of COVID-19

By: Lee Lynch

Coronavirus has turned the world upside to down over the past three months, and advocacy organizations have been along for the devastating ride. I spent time talking with various national patient and consumer advocates about the impact the virus is having on their organizations, constituents and… Read Full Post

Apr 30

Health is Wealth

By: Robert Schooling

The global human tragedy that is COVID-19 has made all of us more grateful for and more focused on our individual health, but it has also brought home one indisputable fact: health is quite literally wealth on a societal scale. We read the daily reports that the more economically vulnerable among… Read Full Post

Apr 09

Keeping Colleagues Engaged During Social Distancing

By: Megan Tucker

With little warning, many companies – including ours – were thrust into a remote-only working environment with the onset of COVID-19 and social distancing. While we are extremely fortunate to work from home fairly seamlessly, it has not been without its challenges. And among those challenges has… Read Full Post

Mar 23

Working from Home: 5 Ways to Unlock Productivity and Keep Motivated

By: Lauren Lindemann and Greg Jarvis

Most of us know how great it can be to have a day working from home. Commuting from your bed to your desk takes mere minutes, you can have your own freshly made food, and – perhaps best of all – you can leverage breaks to get some things done at home you wouldn’t otherwise have time to do. A recent… Read Full Post

Jan 29

My Advice to Recent College Grads? Go Work on a Losing Political Campaign.

By: Mallory Ward

When giving advice to people early in their career, I often say to go work on a losing political campaign. This is often met with surprise. Isn’t the point winning? But there is so much to learn from working for the underdog on a scrappy campaign that doesn’t have the resources or talent of their… Read Full Post

Jan 16

Will 2020 Be The Golden Age of Price Transparency?

By: Clare Krusing

The push to greater transparency across the health system hit the fast-track at the end of 2019 with the Trump Administration unveiling its latest proposal that would require greater disclosure of negotiated prices between health plans and hospitals. While the Administration’s plan represents a… Read Full Post

Nov 22

How to Persuade with Paid...Media

By: Erin Dixon

Paid media has been in the news a lot lately, from Twitter announcing they’ll no longer allow political and issue advertising to Netflix’s documentary, “The Great Hack” providing an in-depth view of how data was used in the 2016 election to influence voters through social media and most recently,… Read Full Post