Sep 20

Will Silicon Valley Save Health Care?

By: Robert Schooling and Clare Krusing

It seems like everywhere you look technology players are looking to disrupt the status quo in health care. Microsoft, Google, Apple, and even Uber... Read Full Post

Apr 16

Who is Leading on Medicare Advantage?

By: Robert Schooling

We recently wrote about the results of our survey of health policy leaders and who they saw as... Read Full Post

Apr 09

Who Is Leading on Value-Based Payment for Pharmaceuticals?

By: Robert Schooling

Value-based payment in pharmaceuticals is a hot topic in health policy these days. We thought it would be good to understand who is... Read Full Post

Dec 04

It's the Most Wonderful (Performance Review) Time of the Year

By: Robert Schooling

For many companies, performance reviews fall at the end of the year heading into the New Year. This can be a stressful time for... Read Full Post

Oct 03

The (Often) Underappreciated Workhorses of Washington: Trade Groups

By: Molly Millerwise Meiners

You can’t swing a dead cat in Washington, D.C. without hitting a trade association or someone who works for one... Read Full Post

Sep 02

How to Address Corporate Brand and Reputation with Policymakers

By: Robert Schooling

Most major corporations have well-developed brands—both corporate and product—that are the result of deliberate strategy,... Read Full Post

Jan 06

The Year of the Millennial

By: Molly Millerwise Meiners

Was 2015 the year of the Millennial? It may be hard to argue otherwise. We heard the voices of Millennials reflected throughout consumer pitches, news stories, brand campaigns and political... Read Full Post

Dec 08

Valuing Corporate Reputation

By: Robert Schooling

In my experience, senior executives can be skeptical of corporate reputation campaigns because they are often unlike any other initiative within the company. However, the tough questions... Read Full Post

Oct 29

Effective Response Planning Before the Fog of (Cyber) War

By: Molly Millerwise Meiners

Another day, another cyber hack. As the names of humongous, household companies are splashed across the news after falling victim to cyber... Read Full Post

Oct 19

Collaborative Work Spaces – A PR Convert

By: Molly Millerwise Meiners

Trading in my nice-sized office, complete with furniture, two desks, and…well…privacy, for a shared workspace didn’t exactly make in it onto my "must... Read Full Post