Madelyn Sykes

Less than a year ago, I was unsure about what the future held. Only two things were certain: I would be graduating from college soon, and I had secured an internship with Reservoir Communications Group for my final semester. My internship was a chance to gain valuable professional experiences and explore a potential career path, but I didn't know exactly where it would lead me.

As it turned out, my internship with Reservoir proved to be a catalyst for my career path and future at the firm as an Associate. The unparalleled skills and experience I gained during my time as an intern provided me with a solid foundation for my transition to a full-time position.

As I reflect on this transition, four essential lessons played a significant role in shaping my experience and professional growth:


  1. Take initiative and seek out new opportunities to learn and grow. Reservoir has opened the door for me to learn from the best in the business – both colleagues and clients across the health care industry. The wide range of opportunity has allowed me to explore different capabilities, from corporate communications to health policy to advocacy. By staying attentive to new projects and offering my assistance for initiatives that pique my interest, I have been able to immerse myself in a diverse range of work.


  1. Be open to feedback. Receiving feedback can be difficult, especially early in your career. However, I've learned that it’s essential for professional growth. Maintaining open communication with my manager and colleagues regarding my performance has helped me cultivate a positive growth-mindset, continuously seeking ways to improve and progress in my career.


  1. Communicate often and openly. I’ve learned that ongoing communication with my colleagues is crucial to my success. By being transparent about my goals and expectations, seeking guidance when necessary, and providing updates on my progress, I am establishing strong working relationships with both clients and colleagues.


  1. Take the time to connect with your colleagues. Perhaps the most significant lesson I’ve learned at Reservoir is the value of building meaningful connections with colleagues. As I connect on a personal level with those I work with, I gain a deeper understanding of the company's culture, values, and goals. This has also led to a greater sense of support across the team.


Over the past four months, I have been able to take on more responsibilities and expand my skill set. As I’ve navigated the transition from intern to full-time employee, I’ve been fortunate to grow, personally and professionally. I am grateful to be part of a supportive team that constantly encourages me to reach my full potential, and I am excited to see what my future at Reservoir holds.