Nov 07

Feedback: It's Not So Scary

By: Megan Tucker

A driver honks during the morning commute. A toddler spits out a home-cooked meal. A stranger’s face lights up with a huge smile after you hand him the credit card he dropped. We get feedback all the time, so why can feedback in the workplace be so intimidating? I had the pleasure of attending a… Read Full Post

Oct 24

What’s driving your company culture?

By: Louise Serio

In the last decade, some of the largest and most successful companies have engaged in an employee perks arms race. Apple* holds regular beer bashes for their employees, complete with free drinks, food and live music. Dropbox hires chefs from Michelin-starred restaurants to serve food in its free… Read Full Post

Oct 03

Article: Communicating the Value of Next Generation Therapies

By: Robert Schooling

This piece originally appeared in the October 2019 edition of O'Dwyers Magazine.  Communicating the value of one’s products to a variety of stakeholders (patients, payers, providers, policymakers, etc.) is nothing new. Biopharmaceutical companies have been doing this for decades through a variety… Read Full Post

Sep 25

The Truth About Sticks and Stones and Words that Hurt

By: Susan Awad

As children, many of us learned the nursery rhyme, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me.” Unfortunately, most of us also learned the painful lesson that this convenient playground comeback isn’t really true. As communicators, we know especially well how powerful words… Read Full Post

Sep 17

What Mountain Climbing Taught Me About Goal Setting

By: Erin Dixon

Over the past six months I’ve summited four mountains, including Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest free-standing mountain in the world. It might surprise you to learn that reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro (19,341 feet) was actually far easier than summiting three mountains in New Hampshire (<5,… Read Full Post

Sep 09

Press Release: Reservoir Communications Group Adds Eva Fowler Whaley to Its Corporate Communications Team

By: Clare Krusing

Reservoir Communications Group announced the addition of Eva Fowler Whaley to its senior team, bolstering a growing roster of public affairs and corporate communications experts, and deepening the firm’s bench of expertise across various facets of the health care sector. Eva brings nearly 15 years… Read Full Post

Sep 03

What Can Netflix’s Mindhunter Teach Us About Strategic Communications?

By: Greg Jarvis

In television, psychological thrillers are often hit-or-miss. The genre can often focus too much on eliciting a sudden startle or using CGI to create a scary creature, rather than telling a well-crafted story that grips our deepest human emotions. When done right, a psychological thriller can tell… Read Full Post

Aug 22

Promoting Corporate Responsibility Helps You and Those You Serve

By: David Lumbert

American companies make an incredible impact in the communities they serve that stretches far beyond economic development. In fact, Giving USA found that more than $20 billion was donated by corporations in 2018, in addition to an impressive amount of employee volunteerism and other community… Read Full Post

Aug 07

The Best Health Care Reads for Your Summer Break

By: Clare Krusing

One of the best parts of working in health care today is the constant state of fascinating reporting, podcasts and commentary that can keep your reading or podcast list full for weeks on end. Even if you’re a loyal Pulse / Vitals / Health202 / KHN Morning Briefing/ D.C. Diagnosis reader (and… Read Full Post

Jul 24

Four Things Communicators Can Learn from Scientists

By: Lucie Felder

There’s a misperception that scientists are bad communicators. People say we’re too in the weeds—too “wonky”—or that we present information and data in ways that are not easily digestible or accessible to the general public. And with science literacy capabilities in the U.S. being drastically low,… Read Full Post